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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I tried. Lord knows I tried so damn hard. I falter. Apparently my experience or the lack of it precedes my effort. I am incapable. It cripples me. It feels like as much as I want to move forward, it is not my decision to make. I thought I make the rules. Surprisingly, I don’t. I thought I learned my lessons well. I thought that I have learned to accept that things do not go my way. Not because of any other reasons but mainly because that is what I want. I do not get what I want. I don’t learn. Each day I have to live with that. Each day I have to arduously implant that in my head because if I don’t I will be back here. This is my default. I question. I wait for answers. I get questions in return. Time passed by and I am still unchanged. I am sorry. I tried.


eye_spy said...

"even the biggest failure, even the worst most intractable mistake beats the hell out of never trying."

you'll be fine.. :)

wanderingcommuter said...

i have nothin more to say. hehehe!!

I am stan said...

hi there. a friend here.
adding you on my blog roll.

you remind me of someone
closest to my heart.


gibbs cadiz said...

uy, me bagong post, yey! uy, emo... inuman na itu! hehe. :)

Joaqui said...

@eye_spy: Thanks. :)

@wanderingcommuter: Tell it to me in private na lang. hehehe.

@I am stan: Hi! Thanks for dropping by and evenmore for adding me to your blog roll. :)

Oooh.. I hope he did not give you heartaches. hehe

@gibbs cadiz: hehehe oo nga. Tara, basta let's not talk about this lang. lol

Chyng said...

Heartaches last for as long as you want it to be. The only person who can free you from your heartache is you. - Source: Hallmark

Chyng said...

Uy, si Hallmark may sabe nun ha.. ;)

Bloiggster said...

everything will be alright, joaqui :)

_ice_ said...

sometimes you don't really need to ask "why" we know the answers di lang natin matanggap, insanity, paulit ulit hoping to get a different result pero still the same.

ayaw ko ng mag emo parang kahat na lang ata ng entry ko puro ganito..

btw xlink?... c u aroung

Joaqui said...

@Chyng: Defensive. wahehehe It's okay, I am okay. I just needed to let if go off my system.

@Bloiggster: Thanks! :)

@_ice_: It can be tiring but sometimes, you need it to feel better. Thanks for dropping by. :)

Clipped Wings said...

you'll be fine...

Joaqui said...

@Clipped Wings: Thanks. I am almost fine actually. :)