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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Uneven But Not Odd

He does that, a lot.

Bite his lower lip
If only to stop himself
From expressing sheer joy

But his eyes do not lie
They show you what his heart feels
That even his half smile cannot deny

He does that, a lot.

Hold his other hand
If only to stop himself
From holding yours

But his words are sincere
They tenderly touch your heart
That even the most jaded one will succumb

But he does not,

Say the right words or
Do the sweet things.

He does not,

Reside in the same wavelength or
Leave a charming impression.

He does that a lot…

Show you that he is in love,

But he does not…

Know that you are not in love.

*** This poem came to be after listening to a song earlier which I already forgot the title. This is not based on my personal experience. :)


Theo Martin said...

WACKIE, y do you do that? Love him for a change. :)

wanderingcommuter said...

iice cream mo na lang yan, joaqui. sabay sayaw ng eat bulaga's kagat labi.


Joaqui said...

Theo Martin: huh? Do what? I am innocent. lol

peachy: anong song yun? Hindi ko alam yung song na yun. hehehe

Turismoboi said...

who does that? i wanna mit him

eye_spy said...

oh love is just so crappy sometimes. *sigh*

Joaqui said...

@turismoboi: Hmmm... We'll see. hehehe

@eye_spy: Now, don't get me started on that... hehehe

Knoxxy said...

sweet poem! [smile]

Joaqui said...

@knoxxy: Thanks. :)

Tristan Tan said...

It's really hard to find someone of the same wavelength but then again... it's hard to find someone, period. So I would suggest that you dont waste this one... give it a try, who knows it might just work.

Joaqui said...

@tristan: This was just inspired by a song I heard. Not my own real experience. Now, I have to put a disclaimer. hehehe

Chyng said...

I love it, you're calling Ewik as Peachy! Fabuloush!

Anyway, bravo! I like the irony of the lines. You must really know this guy.

Joaqui said...

@chyng: Thanks! Thanks! :)

Leon Koh said...

you have a lovely blog here.. happened to surf into it

best wishes for love :)

invite you to my blog too

Maxwell5587 said...

me like it. nicely written. :)

Joaqui said...

@Leon Koh: Thanks so much! Hope you drop by again. hehehe :)

@Maxwell5587: Glad to know. Thanks. :)

The Demigoddess said...

I love everything about this poem, the visual and the cadence of the words are amazing. My favorite lines are:

But his eyes do not lie
They show you what his heart feels
That even his half smile cannot deny

The eyes truly are the window to one's soul.

Joaqui said...

@The Demigoddess: Thanks so much for appreciating my poetry. :)

Herbs D. said...

hantaray! para kanino naman to papa joaqui :P

Rain Darwin said...

Maganda kung ang poem ay galing sa puso mo, dedicated to someone "who does that a lot" hehehe.

Joaqui said...

@Herbs D.: No one in particular. I was just inspired by a song. :)

@Rain Darwin: Hehehe True. I dedicate this more to the other person in the poem though. hehehe

line of flight said...

"Reside in the same wavelength or
Leave a charming impression."

very nice.

Joaqui said...

@line of flight: Thanks so much! :)

Herbs D. said...

someone who makes him bite his lower lip alot..hmmmmmmmm. mukha ngang hindi personal experience.

Joaqui said...

@Herbs D.: Don't get any ideas.