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Thursday, January 22, 2009


Days passed.
Thoughts lingered.
Decision confirmed.

Bridges are to be crossed
but most definitely not burned.
Doors are to be closed
but not locked.

there’s a need to block the sun
if only to appreciate
the next time it shines.

Until the sun rises again, with gratitude I bid you all, good night.

"Don't say goodbye, say goodnight so it's not over
and if you try and answer why it's just over, it's goodbye”

Don’t Say Goodbye, Say Goodnight, by Binocular

Friday, January 9, 2009

Just One Last Serving

It has been brewing for quite some time now.
The aroma was getting stronger each minute.
And in time, it will be ready.
It will be perfect to be served.

A quick sip gave a hint of what was coming.
The taste was there but a bit bland.
Clearly, it needed to be stirred.
The next round was a bit more obvious.

It was served as expected.
Humbly it was accepted.
It was cold as intended.
Yet, proceeded; unaffected.

Ah, this is how it tastes.
More bitter than sweet.
It awakens the senses
and opens the eyes widely.

Words travel astray.
So, theory made into reality.
Anonymity vs. Animosity.
Points taken, no worries.

After the charade, thoughts wander.
A query awaits an answer.
The drink was accepted but
who will eat the cake?”