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Friday, March 28, 2008

Weekend's Coming

It's almost the weekend and I am hit by the bug.

I feel too lazy to work. I have like a full day ahead before the weekend starts and it is such a drag.

Don't get me wrong, I do love my job now. It's exciting and it keeps me busy. Just the right kick for my sanity. It's just one of those days I guess that we all go through.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Summer is Here!

March is not yet over yet, I can say that SUMMER IS HERE!

You can really feel the heat of Summer even though the month of March is not yet over. Usually the month of April is the start of summer here but then with the scorching heat that the sun of March is giving us, it is an undeniable fact that summer don't want to be late this year.

So bring out those suntan or sunblock lotion, flip flops, sarongs, sunglasses and board shorts as we all welcome Summer '08!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Post Party Thoughts

I just came from an awesome party and it was so much fun!!!

It was a party by Zamboanguenos for Zamboanguenos. Well, it was really a Surprise Birthday Party for one of the new friend that I met through a common friend. Most of the guests, were gay, hot straight girls and some hot and not so hot straight men. Awesome party I tell you. We had so much fun! The food was great and the people were fantastic!

What was so amazing about it was that most of the people in the party are people you knew about back in Zamboanga but not necessarily those you hang out with and go to a party together. Most of the people there were definitely do not belong to the same circle of friends but hanging with all of them in this party was really great. The boundaries were broken down and we were socializing as if we have been doing this for a very long time. Although there was really just about 2 degrees of separation among us back in Zamboanga but believe me, back home it was such a distant separation. The people in the party were those who attended the same high school and college together. Some were like friends of exes of friends. Some were brothers or sisters of a friend's ex or a batch mate. It was nice that we were really talking and sharing things about us that we would not normally do if we were back home. We even got to know better one person in this party. Back home he wasn't really the talkative type. You could say he is timid and very introvert but then in this party probably with the influence of alcohol already, he was saying a lot of things and even confronting the other tenants of the building who were complaining about our noise. It was an overwhelming experience. Something that definitely I would not think twice of doing again.

Until the next time guys, it was truly a great weekend. Thank you!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Breakfast with my BestFriend

It was a gloomy Wednesday morning when I rushed to United Nations Avenue in Manila to meet up, well actually it was more of a "wake up" my best friend. She flew in the night before from Davao where she is based because of work. She'll have a seminar in Manila thus the 4 day 4 night stay in the Manila Pavillion.

Initially, the breakfast was not really part of the plan. I went there to talk about some stuff that I needed to let go off my chest. It was a perfect timing. She was scheduled to fly in and I got a text message that made me feel the lowest of the low. Thankfully, I got my best friend to talk to. She truly was a shoulder I can lean on when I needed one. Though we had a short conversation due to her pending seminar it was really helpful.

After the short conversation with my best friend, she invited me for breakfast at the hotel's restaurant. Knowing I was in the Manila Pavillion, I had some expectations. But I gotta say it was more than what I anticipated. The food was really good. I had to forget that I was on a diet that day. I did not eat as much as I've wanted though but then I think I ate more than I should. I was at the salad bar mostly trying almost every dressing they have available. Their pastries and desserts bar was also overflowing but I had to restrict myself from overeating when I know I'll be sleeping shortly. I had to inhibit myself from exploring the other bars because I might lose my battle with the bulge that I started some days back.

I just had to comment though that the mood could be better because everybody seems to be a little too gloomy when the place is shining with the lights. But oh well, it was the morning what do you expect.

Generally it was a good experience. The meeting with the best friend after approximately 3 months of not seeing each other was really uplifting. And the breakfast buffet in one of the most well regarded hotels in the metro, was definitely something I could get used to.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Quarter of A Century Celebration

Last night, I went out with high school friends. We met at our usual rendezvous on a Saturday gimmick --- Providence Tower, which houses one of the popular and inexpensive videoke places in the Manila area. Yup, we are cheap! LOL. We went there to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of one of our friends and usually the only girl who joins us in our gimmicks, Pam.

If you look at her she definitely does not look 25. She's petite and really pretty. She has soft, smooth skin, thanks to Olay Total Effects which she practically endorsed to me. She has a nice body, thanks to her no-rice diet and sessions at Fitness First, which again she endorsed to me. And oh yeah, she has brains too. :)

I just can't believe that some of us are either 25 or going to be 25 in the next few months. I could still remember us during our teenage years when we would regard the people we know aged 25 old. Whoa, it seems like time is running really fast. Oh well, as they say time flies when you are having fun.:)

Ne-yo Hangover

Ne-yo just visited the Philippines last week for a 2-night concert in Araneta Coliseum. Initially, the concert was just scheduled for one night, February 29, but due to insistent public demand, they scheduled him to perform the next night as well, March 1.

When I learned about the concert I really wanted to go however when I found out that it was gonna happen on a Friday, February 29, I was bummed. You see I work in a call center and we usually work at night. As much as I want to skip work and go to the concert, I know the importance of the job that I hold and that no can salvage my bum for a night and take over my post. So, for a week, before the concert all I did was ramble to my friends my enthusiasm to go yet my inability to. So, you could just imagine my reaction was when I learned that he will be performing the night after the initial concert, which happens to be my rest day! I was so exhilarated. I could actually go and see him perform my favorite song... "Because of you!"

Truth be told, I was not a big Ne-yo fan until "Because of you." "Sexy Love" was ok and his first single, "So sick" I find so cheesy. If you read my previous blog, you know how much of a fan I am of cheesy songs and stuff. But when I heard, "Beacause of you", I became an instant fan! The song was so amazing and when he performed it in the concert, I was totally blown away! I was so happy that he sang the song!

Now, almost a week after the concert I still have the Ne-yo hangover. At times, unknowingly I would be humming, "Make it Work" or my new favorite "Go on Girl". I would go online to check out the lyrics of the songs. Both at home and at work, I have his music playing while prepping up for work or finishing some reports.

"Go on Girl" has a beautiful melody and damn the lyrics are awesome. I know he writes song so well but I am not sure though if he wrote this one. He is the man behind Beyonce's "Irreplaceable" and Rihanna's "Unfaithful".

Although, he had a quick performance, approximately just one hour, it was all worth it. The crowd was awesome and the music was excellent.

Monday, March 3, 2008

The Battle is On

Starting this month of March, I have come up with a plan for the rest of the year directed towards self development and improvement. I haven't really sat down and put it in black and white to outline everything from the mechanism to the time frame but it's something I intend to take seriously.

One of the obvious aspect that I really need to work on is my weight. I am not obese but relatively to how I weigh before, currently I qualify to the top 3 instances in my life that I weigh more than I should. My midsection, which has always been my problem area, is as prominent as my jaw line. When people will look at me, it's either they will notice my square jaw or my bulging belly. Of course I am exaggerating but my point really is, I used to have a flat stomach and I was once told I had nice body one time in my distant college life.

How to do it? Liposuction... Wait, that's me wishful thinking. Of course, the only way to do it... Diet and Exercise.

Diet Plan. 1 heavy meal and 2 smaller and really "diet-conscious" meals a day. The idea is to eat heavy on breakfast then light follow up for lunch then really minimum dinner. No in between meals, unless I'm super hungry and crackers will suffice. The challenge is to figure out what is my breakfast for someone who works the graveyard shift. Solution. Since I sleep right after work, which is around 6 in the morning, I will just have a light meal before that. Oatmeal, hopefully will suffice. I just had my first taste of oatmeal this morning (Thanks to Ruth) and I must say Thank God, that's not what I'll be eating for all 3 meals. I am sure many like it and I may like it in the future but for now I have the next meal to look forward to. Then when I will wake up, that's when I will have a protein rich meal of chicken and/or other white meat with little or no rice at all! I have KFC's go-go meal as heavy contender for this one. :) Then right before going to work, salad will be fine. Lettuce is one of my favorites now. So this will be pretty much my favorite meal for the day. Plus Del Monte's Fit 'n Right as my drink. My breakfast then will be lunch for everyone. I really hope this will work.

Exercise. At least 30 minutes in our so-called gym in the office.

Before I end this, let me declare it and conspire with the world that after 3 months I will win the battle against the bulge! ***The crowd all stood up, shouting and cheering as confetti flow like rain on everyone. hihihi ;)

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Start of the last Month of the Quarter

It's the last month of the first quarter. The usual month for graduations. This year, the month for the holy week. The month for concerts of international artists/bands like, Neyo, Maroon 5, Incubus, Earth, Wind and Fire to name a few. The month where I will celebrate my first anniversary with my current employer. It's the month for reunions with long time friends that I haven't seen for a while. It's the month for some new stuff. It's the month for the possibility of moving to a new palce and living on my own. It's the month for vacation to Puerto Galera or Boracay or anywhere that I have not been to yet. It's a month of hopeful possibilities. A month of wishful thinking for the best in everything. A month for anticipated stress. The month for a bunch of firsts , *fingers crossed*. A month to write, to dance and to smile. A month to March. :)