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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Post Party Thoughts

I just came from an awesome party and it was so much fun!!!

It was a party by Zamboanguenos for Zamboanguenos. Well, it was really a Surprise Birthday Party for one of the new friend that I met through a common friend. Most of the guests, were gay, hot straight girls and some hot and not so hot straight men. Awesome party I tell you. We had so much fun! The food was great and the people were fantastic!

What was so amazing about it was that most of the people in the party are people you knew about back in Zamboanga but not necessarily those you hang out with and go to a party together. Most of the people there were definitely do not belong to the same circle of friends but hanging with all of them in this party was really great. The boundaries were broken down and we were socializing as if we have been doing this for a very long time. Although there was really just about 2 degrees of separation among us back in Zamboanga but believe me, back home it was such a distant separation. The people in the party were those who attended the same high school and college together. Some were like friends of exes of friends. Some were brothers or sisters of a friend's ex or a batch mate. It was nice that we were really talking and sharing things about us that we would not normally do if we were back home. We even got to know better one person in this party. Back home he wasn't really the talkative type. You could say he is timid and very introvert but then in this party probably with the influence of alcohol already, he was saying a lot of things and even confronting the other tenants of the building who were complaining about our noise. It was an overwhelming experience. Something that definitely I would not think twice of doing again.

Until the next time guys, it was truly a great weekend. Thank you!

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