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Thursday, April 30, 2009


Life is simple.
Living is hard.

Love is basic.
Loving is complicated.

There are some things easier said than done.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I tried. Lord knows I tried so damn hard. I falter. Apparently my experience or the lack of it precedes my effort. I am incapable. It cripples me. It feels like as much as I want to move forward, it is not my decision to make. I thought I make the rules. Surprisingly, I don’t. I thought I learned my lessons well. I thought that I have learned to accept that things do not go my way. Not because of any other reasons but mainly because that is what I want. I do not get what I want. I don’t learn. Each day I have to live with that. Each day I have to arduously implant that in my head because if I don’t I will be back here. This is my default. I question. I wait for answers. I get questions in return. Time passed by and I am still unchanged. I am sorry. I tried.

Monday, April 27, 2009

One Special Night

The mood for an intimate dinner is set.
Low lighting, burning candles and some bossa nova for the cozy feel.
Even the jasmine scent gives a sense of calmness to the room.
With you sitting in front of me, I could not ask for more.

You have beautiful eyes.
How curious I did not notice that before.
They are more noticeable tonight,
especially when you smile like that.

With a lighted cigarette on my right hand, I listen to your stories. This is your time because the last time you listened to mine. You are opening things that I did not expect to hear. Personal and revealing yet still so appealing. Your compliments with my cooking is making me blush a bit. One shy smile is what it takes to acknowledge it. I pour more wine to your glass and you clearly like that. You are showing me a different side of you and I have to admit, I enjoy every minute.

You have beautiful eyes.
Those hazelnut brown eyes are so captivating.
They show light and life from you,
especially when you blush like that.

I open another bottle of red wine. I have been keeping it for that one special night and tonight is that night. I pour some to your glass hoping you will love it. I am happy you accepted my invitation tonight. After everything that has been said and done the other night, I know you would agree to this. I have told you things about myself that I do not usually share. You are one brave soul to return.

And for that, a song for you.

Secret - The Pierces

You have beautiful eyes.
A little bit lost, on the verge of void.
It brings peace to me looking straight to your eyes,
especially when they are departed.

“Yes two can keep a secret, if one of us is…. dead.” – Secret, The Pierces.

This piece is totally fictional and was inspired by the song embedded on this piece.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Iridescent/Stop, Look, Listen


I am intimidated but
I am still interested.

I am certain I like you though
I am doubtful that’s how you feel too.

I am flattered by that piercing look yet
I am worried my interpretation is off the hook.

I am missing that peculiar happy sound and
I am missing the radiance in you I found.

I am happy to be an admirer from a distance even when
I am certain that I will be happier if you are with me this instance.


Stop Look Listen

Do not over analyze.
Believe in sincerity.
Believe in the possibility.

Beyond the self-made persona,
beyond the impression,
there’s a gem to be found.

Words may not be smooth and slick.
Words may be bland and less blooming,
but they surely come with promises of the Holidays.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Joaqui as per Facebook Quizzes

With lack of better things to do I indulged myself to some of the quizzes that Facebook is known for. Here are some of the quizzes I took with their corresponding results. Personally, I think the validity of the results are on shaky ground but oh well no one said I should take them seriously. Just like how everyone else will respond to these quizzes, if it is nice then I accept if not, I am in full disagreement.

“What love story are you?”

Result: Christian and Satine of Moulin Rouge.
Moulin Rouge is a tragic love story about a couple who love. With a love so strong that nothing can compare. Your love story is similar. You love each other very much, and would do anything for each other, but one tragic day your match leaves and you are left alone to cry. "The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love....and be loved in return."

I love the movie and how they incorporated contemporary songs to a story that supposedly happened even before the songwriters were born. I don’t mind to be Nicole Kidman or Ewan McGregor.

“What deadly sin are you?”

Result: Vanity.
The selfish sin is to be "vainglorious" and think of oneself better than all others. Arrogance blocks the Divine as well as other persons from the heart. Pride is invariably seen as a lion with its opposing virtue being Humility.

What can I say? Vanity is my favorite sin.

“What legendary creature are you?”

Result: Griffin.
You are majestic and powerful, possessing abilities that transcend both land and sky. Your life is spent in service to a divine creed. You’re a guardian of good. Because of this loyalty and selflessness you are respected and revered.

Wow. This is in contrary to the previous one, ei? My selflessness is the reason why I am revered and respected. What respect?

“Friends Test: Which character do you remind?”

Result: Ross Gellar.
You remind Ross who is intelligent and geeky and known for his good general knowledge – he believes he can easily name all the states in USA as every sophisticated adult should be able to do. However, Ross is also very sentimental and tender (he is the crybaby in the Geller family). He cannot flirt but his good and sweet heart attracts women. He loves being with his friends and is actually a very supportive, caring and popular friend.

Well, Ross is Ross but my favorite character remains --- Phoebe.

“What kind of kiss are you?”

Result: Passionate Kiss.
You are the perfect kisser, the kisser of all time. You know when to kiss, and you kiss at the right moment. You put your feelings into every connection of the lips, and that, is what everybody wants....Where did you learn?

I refuse to give any comment. However, for those who wants to know there's only one way to find out.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Uneven But Not Odd

He does that, a lot.

Bite his lower lip
If only to stop himself
From expressing sheer joy

But his eyes do not lie
They show you what his heart feels
That even his half smile cannot deny

He does that, a lot.

Hold his other hand
If only to stop himself
From holding yours

But his words are sincere
They tenderly touch your heart
That even the most jaded one will succumb

But he does not,

Say the right words or
Do the sweet things.

He does not,

Reside in the same wavelength or
Leave a charming impression.

He does that a lot…

Show you that he is in love,

But he does not…

Know that you are not in love.

*** This poem came to be after listening to a song earlier which I already forgot the title. This is not based on my personal experience. :)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Finding Your Rice

Early this year, I was invited to a house warming party by a friend from high school somewhere in Quezon City. He was my classmate back in secondary school and now he works as a doctor somewhere in Pasig. He is one of those people I know who scales high on wealth but really low on arrogance. I can go on and on and I have nothing but good words for him so I’ll stop before I’ll bore myself and kill myself of envy. Besides this article is not really about him but more on what he said in our conversation during the party.

HE said,

“I am looking for my rice. Magsasawa ka sa ulam pero hindi sa kanin.

Hmmm.... but does that mean, even if you have your rice, you can have viands alongside? Well, you can’t eat just rice. So, should the rice just take it as it is? That the rice may be a staple but the rice without the viand is just a grain boiled to softness, bland and oh-so-fattening.

Well, it can only be bland for the unimaginative. You can always cook it in different ways. Boil it with different herbs for variety or just spice it up with a variety of condiments. You can even explore the world of fried rice that even toppings are not necessary.

After a long discussion and exchange of ideas in that conversation, we just agreed, that even after how many viands that may have touched your palette, or even with all the viands served in front of you, you will always look for rice.