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Monday, April 27, 2009

One Special Night

The mood for an intimate dinner is set.
Low lighting, burning candles and some bossa nova for the cozy feel.
Even the jasmine scent gives a sense of calmness to the room.
With you sitting in front of me, I could not ask for more.

You have beautiful eyes.
How curious I did not notice that before.
They are more noticeable tonight,
especially when you smile like that.

With a lighted cigarette on my right hand, I listen to your stories. This is your time because the last time you listened to mine. You are opening things that I did not expect to hear. Personal and revealing yet still so appealing. Your compliments with my cooking is making me blush a bit. One shy smile is what it takes to acknowledge it. I pour more wine to your glass and you clearly like that. You are showing me a different side of you and I have to admit, I enjoy every minute.

You have beautiful eyes.
Those hazelnut brown eyes are so captivating.
They show light and life from you,
especially when you blush like that.

I open another bottle of red wine. I have been keeping it for that one special night and tonight is that night. I pour some to your glass hoping you will love it. I am happy you accepted my invitation tonight. After everything that has been said and done the other night, I know you would agree to this. I have told you things about myself that I do not usually share. You are one brave soul to return.

And for that, a song for you.

Secret - The Pierces

You have beautiful eyes.
A little bit lost, on the verge of void.
It brings peace to me looking straight to your eyes,
especially when they are departed.

“Yes two can keep a secret, if one of us is…. dead.” – Secret, The Pierces.

This piece is totally fictional and was inspired by the song embedded on this piece.


Turismoboi said...


gibbs cadiz said...

fictional siya??? parang me pinaghuhugutan. haha, as if me alam ako. :)

wanderingcommuter said...

hahaha... defensive!! hahaha!

biro lang!

Joaqui said...

@Turismoboi: :)

@Gibbs Cadiz: hahaha, wala naman. Akala mo lang meron pero wala, wala, wala. hehehe Oh, wait, baliktad ata yun. lol

@wandering commuter: Bleh! ;P

Chyng said...

ramdam ko, parang fiction nga!

Chyng said...

hhmm, non fictional yan! ramdam ko eh..

Joaqui said...

@chyng: It's fictional. :)