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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Iridescent/Stop, Look, Listen


I am intimidated but
I am still interested.

I am certain I like you though
I am doubtful that’s how you feel too.

I am flattered by that piercing look yet
I am worried my interpretation is off the hook.

I am missing that peculiar happy sound and
I am missing the radiance in you I found.

I am happy to be an admirer from a distance even when
I am certain that I will be happier if you are with me this instance.


Stop Look Listen

Do not over analyze.
Believe in sincerity.
Believe in the possibility.

Beyond the self-made persona,
beyond the impression,
there’s a gem to be found.

Words may not be smooth and slick.
Words may be bland and less blooming,
but they surely come with promises of the Holidays.


Turismoboi said...

i love thiz poem

Mr. Scheez said...

Sabi ko na eh, in love ka nga. Your eyes were twinkling last week when we met. LOL! =)

So, pakibulong nga dito kung sino sya. :D

Joaqui said...

@Turismoboi: THanks! :)

@Mr. Scheez: Nah. False interpretation. I am not in love. Bleh. :p

Herbs D. said...

since when was Joaqui in love anywayyyyyy hahaha.

Aris said...

uy, sino kaya si iridescent? :)

Joaqui said...

@Herbs D.: Bleh. :p

Aris: hehehe someone... :) he is just a rainbow.


This is your strength.

Nice literature Wax!

Joaqui said...

@kris jasper: Thanks Kris! :)