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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Take a Chance and Hope for the Best

I just stumbled upon this video when I got home today when the television was tuned in to MTV with this video playing. The melody has that Jason Mraz feel to it and the lyrics are quite nice. I like how the word "MAÑANA" was incorporated in the chorus.

And oh yeah, Ricky Martin is so hot here!

I can just watch this video all day and adore Ricky Martin's sweet and sexy smile.

The Best Thing About Me is You
Ricky Martin feat Joss Stone

So Babe, don’t say no
Come on and just say yes
You know it’s time to keep it simple
Let’s take a chance and hope for the best

Life is short, so make it what you wanna
Make it good, don’t wait until mañana
I think I’m cool cause your name’s on this heart shaped tattoo.
Now best thing about me is you

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


From afar I watched you both.

At a distance I observed.

The way you laugh at his jokes.

The way you touch his shoulder for strokes.

So gentle yet not boring.

So exciting but never chaotic.

Purple. Yellow. Blue and more blue.

I’ve seen the colors on you two.

They burst like fireworks in the perfect night sky.

You both sparkle and I wish to stare and lie.

How endearing you are to your audience.

Every scene was a cinematic experience.

I longed for the day I would be introduced.

I cemented possibilities, enthused.

You and me, me and you, you and you.

A party of three --- a playful imagery.

Tossed in the air and let it be.

You and you and I --- free.