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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Joaqui as per Facebook Quizzes

With lack of better things to do I indulged myself to some of the quizzes that Facebook is known for. Here are some of the quizzes I took with their corresponding results. Personally, I think the validity of the results are on shaky ground but oh well no one said I should take them seriously. Just like how everyone else will respond to these quizzes, if it is nice then I accept if not, I am in full disagreement.

“What love story are you?”

Result: Christian and Satine of Moulin Rouge.
Moulin Rouge is a tragic love story about a couple who love. With a love so strong that nothing can compare. Your love story is similar. You love each other very much, and would do anything for each other, but one tragic day your match leaves and you are left alone to cry. "The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love....and be loved in return."

I love the movie and how they incorporated contemporary songs to a story that supposedly happened even before the songwriters were born. I don’t mind to be Nicole Kidman or Ewan McGregor.

“What deadly sin are you?”

Result: Vanity.
The selfish sin is to be "vainglorious" and think of oneself better than all others. Arrogance blocks the Divine as well as other persons from the heart. Pride is invariably seen as a lion with its opposing virtue being Humility.

What can I say? Vanity is my favorite sin.

“What legendary creature are you?”

Result: Griffin.
You are majestic and powerful, possessing abilities that transcend both land and sky. Your life is spent in service to a divine creed. You’re a guardian of good. Because of this loyalty and selflessness you are respected and revered.

Wow. This is in contrary to the previous one, ei? My selflessness is the reason why I am revered and respected. What respect?

“Friends Test: Which character do you remind?”

Result: Ross Gellar.
You remind Ross who is intelligent and geeky and known for his good general knowledge – he believes he can easily name all the states in USA as every sophisticated adult should be able to do. However, Ross is also very sentimental and tender (he is the crybaby in the Geller family). He cannot flirt but his good and sweet heart attracts women. He loves being with his friends and is actually a very supportive, caring and popular friend.

Well, Ross is Ross but my favorite character remains --- Phoebe.

“What kind of kiss are you?”

Result: Passionate Kiss.
You are the perfect kisser, the kisser of all time. You know when to kiss, and you kiss at the right moment. You put your feelings into every connection of the lips, and that, is what everybody wants....Where did you learn?

I refuse to give any comment. However, for those who wants to know there's only one way to find out.


the geek said...

uy..i enjoy doing this test sa facebook...

Knoxxy said...

I like those test too.

Mr. Scheez said...

Masyadong teasing yung panghuli, ha? That is sooo not you. Hahaha, joke lang. =)

Herbs D. said...

bat hende mo sinabi na may FB ka pala?! hahaha. okay, so i didn't asked. but do tell me soon :D

Joaqui said...

@the geek: Good for you! hehehe

@Knoxxy: These tests are really popular, ei? Share your resutls! hehehe

@Mr. Scheez: Thanks. :) See, I am not a tease.

@Herbs D: Hehehe remind me, ayt?

Tristan Tan said...

I will reserve my comment when I see you again. :)

Joaqui said...

@Tristan Tan: Was that not my last comment on your entry before? Talk about being original, ei? hehehe

Sure thing. We have to meet or that Bora pastry will be home to molds and all those yucky stuff.

wanderingcommuter said...

naghihintay ako ng invitation... hehehehe

Chyng said...

wow active sa FB!

pwede ba kita i-add?

lucas said...

eto ang gusto kong feature sa facebook. ang daming quizzes. ahehehe!

i love moulin rouge. one of my favorite romantic movie. i love the songs too.

si phoebe rin ang paborito ko. the thought of her playing her guitar makes me smile...

Lionheart : Richard the Adventurer said...

Hello Joaqui!

Lets adventure! :)

Looking For The Source said...

“What deadly sin are you?”

Result: Vanity.

>>> just so you... eto lang yata ang tumama sau.. ha ha (malay ko sa passionate kiss!) hahahah

ako hindi sa quizzes nagbababad sa fb... sa games! hahah