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Monday, March 3, 2008

The Battle is On

Starting this month of March, I have come up with a plan for the rest of the year directed towards self development and improvement. I haven't really sat down and put it in black and white to outline everything from the mechanism to the time frame but it's something I intend to take seriously.

One of the obvious aspect that I really need to work on is my weight. I am not obese but relatively to how I weigh before, currently I qualify to the top 3 instances in my life that I weigh more than I should. My midsection, which has always been my problem area, is as prominent as my jaw line. When people will look at me, it's either they will notice my square jaw or my bulging belly. Of course I am exaggerating but my point really is, I used to have a flat stomach and I was once told I had nice body one time in my distant college life.

How to do it? Liposuction... Wait, that's me wishful thinking. Of course, the only way to do it... Diet and Exercise.

Diet Plan. 1 heavy meal and 2 smaller and really "diet-conscious" meals a day. The idea is to eat heavy on breakfast then light follow up for lunch then really minimum dinner. No in between meals, unless I'm super hungry and crackers will suffice. The challenge is to figure out what is my breakfast for someone who works the graveyard shift. Solution. Since I sleep right after work, which is around 6 in the morning, I will just have a light meal before that. Oatmeal, hopefully will suffice. I just had my first taste of oatmeal this morning (Thanks to Ruth) and I must say Thank God, that's not what I'll be eating for all 3 meals. I am sure many like it and I may like it in the future but for now I have the next meal to look forward to. Then when I will wake up, that's when I will have a protein rich meal of chicken and/or other white meat with little or no rice at all! I have KFC's go-go meal as heavy contender for this one. :) Then right before going to work, salad will be fine. Lettuce is one of my favorites now. So this will be pretty much my favorite meal for the day. Plus Del Monte's Fit 'n Right as my drink. My breakfast then will be lunch for everyone. I really hope this will work.

Exercise. At least 30 minutes in our so-called gym in the office.

Before I end this, let me declare it and conspire with the world that after 3 months I will win the battle against the bulge! ***The crowd all stood up, shouting and cheering as confetti flow like rain on everyone. hihihi ;)

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