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Friday, March 14, 2008

Breakfast with my BestFriend

It was a gloomy Wednesday morning when I rushed to United Nations Avenue in Manila to meet up, well actually it was more of a "wake up" my best friend. She flew in the night before from Davao where she is based because of work. She'll have a seminar in Manila thus the 4 day 4 night stay in the Manila Pavillion.

Initially, the breakfast was not really part of the plan. I went there to talk about some stuff that I needed to let go off my chest. It was a perfect timing. She was scheduled to fly in and I got a text message that made me feel the lowest of the low. Thankfully, I got my best friend to talk to. She truly was a shoulder I can lean on when I needed one. Though we had a short conversation due to her pending seminar it was really helpful.

After the short conversation with my best friend, she invited me for breakfast at the hotel's restaurant. Knowing I was in the Manila Pavillion, I had some expectations. But I gotta say it was more than what I anticipated. The food was really good. I had to forget that I was on a diet that day. I did not eat as much as I've wanted though but then I think I ate more than I should. I was at the salad bar mostly trying almost every dressing they have available. Their pastries and desserts bar was also overflowing but I had to restrict myself from overeating when I know I'll be sleeping shortly. I had to inhibit myself from exploring the other bars because I might lose my battle with the bulge that I started some days back.

I just had to comment though that the mood could be better because everybody seems to be a little too gloomy when the place is shining with the lights. But oh well, it was the morning what do you expect.

Generally it was a good experience. The meeting with the best friend after approximately 3 months of not seeing each other was really uplifting. And the breakfast buffet in one of the most well regarded hotels in the metro, was definitely something I could get used to.

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