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Tuesday, August 5, 2008


He distinctly said he was not interested at all
“Just friends, maybe” he told me over the call

I said I’ll be there, for sure
But I didn’t expect such feelings would conjure

When I saw you, that was when it started
Talking to you made me more interested

He was there too, all timid and nice
I was just there to bring on the spice

Without expectations it happened
To be more than friends, that’s what I wanted

But clearly he was the apple of your eye
And the efforts you showed cannot deny

To you I am just his friend
He tagged along if he wanted it to end

He told me he is not ready for a commitment
Not to hurt you was the agreement

He assured he won’t and that was enough
Enough for me to make a big step back

I will be happy if you will be happy
Even if it will be not by me

However, if he decided to stand by his word
And direct you to my world

As strong as my feelings for you inside
My own rules I must abide

He is my friend and that will stay
My feelings for you will have to go away

For your decision was sound and clear
It was him you wanted near

That was your decision from the start
And I will not be your second tart


Chyng said...

Natouched ako.. :(

joelmcvie said...

Off-topic, but I read your comment on Corporate Closet's blog entry re gay-themed movies with sad endings. Watch "Shelter", it's got the prerequisite happy Hollywood ending. Quite predictable, but still engaging and more-than-decent production values. =)

Mugen said...

I wouldn't want someone to be my second tart either.


joaqui_miguel said...

@chyng: :) Nice to know that what I write can do that. :)

@joelmcvie: I was told it was nice and it is on my list of things-to-do this week. I already have a copy at home. I'm just looking for some spare time to actually do it. Thanks a bunch!

@mugen: I guess we just have to look around some more.



2nd best?


anw, good luck and more patience if you intend to wait....

joaqui_miguel said...

@kris jasper van dyke: Martyr? Hmmm.. could be. I suffer in silence. Yeah, the waiting game. Been waiting and waiting and waiting. I am an expert on it already. :)

Anonymous said...


Been awhile. hehe

Wow. i can so relate.

Bakit pag masyadong in love, gumagaling sa pagsulat?

Mantakin mo, isa ka nang dalubhasa ngayon sa tula!


Seriously, do you really think you deserve to be in this kind of situation?

If you think so (or you want to), then toughen up. :)

But if you ask me, i'd say DONT WAIT. FIGHT!

joaqui_miguel said...

@carlo: lol. Thanks. There'll be another one coming up. Another poem quite similar to this one. Looking back, the time I spent to write both poems is much lesser than writing one of those uninspired-by-love entries. lol

Mr. Scheez said...

I love this one. Keep it up =)

Mr. Scheez said...

I mean I love how you translate what you feel in a poem.

joaqui_miguel said...

@mr scheez: =) hehehe Gotcha! Thanks for reading. :) Thank you.