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Saturday, August 23, 2008


I am doing this to you because I crave for your attention.
I have shown hints yet you totally brush it aside.
Instead you went after my better looking friend.
Instead you hang out with my other friend.
I don’t understand why you didn’t choose me.

We did spend time together yet I had to pay dinner for that.
We did go out together yet I had to pay your drink that night.
I have had enough of the waiting game.
Get a taste of my vengeance for it is sweet just like you like it.

I will embarrass you in front of many people.
So what if I will get unnecessary attention?
I’m an attention whore, didn’t you know?

Class? Courtesy? Respect? What are those?
Don’t distract me with foreign lingo.

Joaqui_Miguel, you are going down!


Looking For The Source said...

this is real nice... and b*tchy..

enegue said...

may dinadamdam ka pala



i need to know you deeper to (maybe) fully understand you.

Happy Weekend though.


RONeiluke, RN said...

ahehe, tama ka jan KJ... this one has issues... nacurious din ako... ahehe! cool post.. really interesting...

joaqui_miguel said...

@looking at the source: Thanks! It's more than bitchy. hehehe Just one of those days. :)

@enegue: Kinda but I'm better now. Just needed to let it off my system. :)

@kris jasper van dyke: True. If you know me a little better then this one will be a breeze to understand. Happy weekend too. :)

I didn't mean to post something like this. I just needed to let it out of my system.

@roneiluke, rn: Right. It has issues involved with somebody and I just needed to let it out. It was a choice between smoking and writing about it. I guess, I wanted the harder way to deal with it but definitely the more effective one. :)

Thanks so much!

boying said...

yes! just let it all out. let all of the pieces fall where thay may.

dabo said...

hehehe.. if vengeance is sweet, hope fully it won't taste like honey and stay forever..

take care joaqui

Spanky Solomon said...

is this a poem? =)

Chyng said...

uhm both parties chose to be in that situation.. tingin ko lang naman.. (--,)

joaqui_miguel said...

@boying: Right. I am doing just that before it gets the best of me. Thanks. :)

@dabo: I like it sweet. Yeah, prolly something that can be washed away with water. lol Thank you. You take care of yourself as well. :)

@spanky solomon: yup. :) Thanks for dropping by.

@chyng: Hmmm... could be but I deny it. lol

bulitas said...

wow! i can feel the rage over here.

joaqui_miguel said...

@bulitas: :) I'm over it. lol Thanks!

RONeiluke, RN said...

wow...writing it out is way better that smoking it out...ahehe! spares you tiny percent from acquiring lung cancer too...hahaha!

joaqui_miguel said...

@roneiluke,rn: I have to come clean, the reason why I wrote about it than smoke it out is I actually reached my "quota" for smoking for the next 3 months or so. Just over the weekend (Friday, Saturday and oh yeah even Sunday) on the average I smoked a little over a pack on each night. I guess, I need to give my lungs a rest if I don't want to struggle doing one of my favorite things to do .... long walks. :)

wanderingcommuter said...

you don't need to stoop down to your enemy's level. isa ito sa mga motto ko sa buhay.

joaqui_miguel said...

@wanderingcommuter: So true. :)