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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Say it/Don't Say it

Formal and cordial
Nah, a little less formal
A bit more cordial

Straightforward, honest
On the verge of rudeness even
But charming in delivery

Sugar coated and candy sprinkled
Yet with a tang of darkness
Dark chocolate, that is

Meaningful, simple
No flowers and colors
Just simply meant


Turismoboi said...

nice poem i like it!

Joaqui said...

@turismoboi: Thanks! :)

wanderingcommuter said...

ang isang makatha kahit anong bagay maaring itula.

isa kang ganun, wacks (yan na ang bagong tawag ko sa iyo)



Joaqui said...

@wanderingcommuter: ay @peachy: thanks! hahaha

lucas said...

i love it! especially the simplicity of it :)

words without any imbellisments just sounds more sincere...

peace out, joaqui!

Joaqui said...

@lucas: Glad to know you love it. Thanks! :)

Chyng said...

Say it and Mean it at the same time!

Anonymous said...

Simple but sweet!

OT: Quite curious where your banner photo was taken.. would want to be able to visit that place sometime.. :D

Joaqui said...

@chyng: Amen! :)

@lukayo: Thanks! :)

That's in Bohol. Yeah, you should try to go there, maybe with your rain? hehehe

Anonymous said...

Been trying to whip-up a Bohol trip; i've been there once when I was a kid but the place wasn't as developed as it is now.

Where did you stay? I don't remember seeing something like that in Bohol Beach Club. Alona beach ba yan? Are there cheap places there too?

Gosh. I miss the beach.

Joaqui said...

We stayed in one of the resorts along Alona Beach. That picture was taken in a remote island. According to the boatman who brought us there, it is called the "virgin island"... because a lot loses their virginity there. hahaha kidding.

I think the accomodations are cheaper along Alona Beach.