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Sunday, March 1, 2009


Being tagged by Aris, and seeing a lot of people in the bandwagon, might as well join in.

What better way to return than to introduce, or reintroduce myself through 25 random things about me.

So, here goes...

25. In Outlook, I arrange my inbox by sender. When I check the emails, I always start at the bottom making my way to the top.

24. I browse, and then read, magazines from the last page to the cover page.

23. My favorite ice cream flavor is the classic Vanilla. But for gellato, I would go for Sansrival from Amici.

22. I prefer white sauce for my pasta over red. Same for wine, I like white wine more than red.

21. I intend to be a millionaire before 30, the latest. How? Still figuring out.

20. I dance. I also sing. However, my friends tell me I should stick with dancing.

19. Thanks to "A Very Special Love", I became a John Lloyd fan.

18. The soundtrack of "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street" is what I listen to when I'm down. My favorites are "The Worst Pies in London" and "Not While I'm Around."

17. I live in Makati, I work in Ortigas, I unwind in Manila and Quezon City.

16. Nicotine source: Winston Lights, DJ Mix Strawberry flavor and Sobraine Lights.

15. I prefer San Mig Light over Red Horse Beer, Sprite over Coke, pineapple juice over orange juice.

14. For my salad, I prefer creamy dressing over vinaigrette.

13. I enjoy long walks... alone.

12. I am probably a millionaire by now if I were to get a grand every time I've been asked this question, "Do you workout?"

11. I am sperm donor no. 4 to a friend.

10. I wanted to have a kid when I was 20.

9. Almost all of the girls I pursued before are now either married or with kids.

8. I grew up watching Dawson's Creek. I had a huge crush on Katie Holmes back then.

7. I have kept the same mobile number for more than 5 years now... and counting.

6. Hot Vanilla for me if it's CBTL, Vanilla Cream or Coffee Jelly if it's Starbucks.

5. I've been to some key cities in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

4. I'm a blue eagle hailing from the south.

3. I only intend to live until 40 years old.

2. "Vanity is my favorite sin." - Devil's Advocate

1. I came out, officially, December 2006.


Tristan Tan said...

Welcome back, Joaqui.

Mr. Scheez said...

Welcome back, sir! =)

the geek said...

good morning...

welcome back...

Joaqui said...

Good morning! :)

Thanks Tristan, Mr. Scheez and the Geek. :)

lucas said...

"Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street" is what I listen to when I'm down."

---very interesting. i love the music in that film but i find it really depressing. baliktad yung effect sayo. ahehe!

fave ko yung part na may lyrics na--i see you, joanna, i see you.' ahehe!

Aris said...

I am so happy, you're back. missed you, joaqui. thank you for accepting my tag.

*hugs* :)

Chyng said...

Hello Joaqui!

It's good to finally read your facts..

Joaqui said...

@lucas: The Worst pies in London is really nice. It's also funny. Also the part with Sacha Baron Cohen, is funny. It's dark humor and it's nice.

I like that song too.

@Aris: Thanks. I missed blogging too.

@Chyng: Hey, thanks. :)

Maxwell5587 said...

@no. 18: i love mrs. lovett. actually, i love helena bonham carter. i actually got to love her because of tim burton. haha. :)

lucas said...

yeah! the worst pies in london! i remember that. ang kulit noh, yung 3 casts ng harry potter nandun. hehe! wala lang.

have you watched 'perfume' starring alan rickman. you'll like it kasi nagustuhan mo tong sweeney todd :)

Joaqui said...

@maxwell: She gave an awesome performance in Sweeney Todd!

@lucas: Is this about extracting the "natural scent" of the person and make it a perfume? Someone told me about it but I haven't got to watch the movie yet.

I'll let you know if I liked it when I got the chance to see it. Thanks. :)