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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Just Press Play

Don’t play your games on me.
I know your tricks already.
I’ve seen you playing with my own eyes.
How smoothly you deliver those lies.

Don’t call me baby, please.
I don’t want to disturb your boyfriend’s peace.
Please learn to do it correctly this time.
It’s about time you reach your prime.

Don’t ask me that stupid question.
I know you just want some empty affirmation.
How can you ask me that over and over again?
Do you know that it drives me insane?

Don’t dare me to jump in.
I don’t want to dive in to a sin.
They may push it to be just normal.
But hey, I can still control this animal.

Don’t think I am like the others.
Clearly, you got it all wrong, brother.
It may seem to you that I’m about to fall.
But let’s just see who’s got who under control.


Lance said...

the last line is a killer!
"..But let’s just see who’s got who under control.."

boying said...

oo. agree with lance. killer iyong last line. tsuy!

"don't play games with the ones you love. 'cause you will hear the voice will say, i love you, i'll kill you."
-michael cretu

"you are in control. i just can't let go."
-die toten hosen

joaqui_miguel said...

@lance: Let's just hope and pray I can sustain that. :)

I will remain in control.
I will remain in control.
I will remain in control.

That's my mantra. ;)

Tristan Tan said...

tsk tsk tsk...

wanderingcommuter said...

thats the spirit!!!

joaqui_miguel said...

@tristan tan: Hmmm... What does that mean?

@wanderingcommuter: Hehehe

Thanks! :)

Tristan Tan said...

nothing. ;)


Nice.. I should have tagged you personally... Poem week pala ngayon sa blogworld. lol.

Anyway, thanks for (you know.. those nice words you said in your emails)

joaqui_miguel said...

@tristan tan: Ok. :)

@krisjasper: No worries. :)

Hope you are doing better now. :)

Mr. Scheez said...

Wow, I'm inspired by your talent in poetry. Gusto ko tuloy gumawa na rin ng mga tula.

Pero try ko mag-start sa haiku. Gumagawa ka ba ng haiku?

joaqui_miguel said...

@mr scheez: Wow!

Go ahead, write a line or two. Then next thing you know, it will form stanzas then a complete poem.

Thanks for appreciating. :)

Yeah, I do. I just find it too short sometimes.

the geek said...

opps....suddenly, i was scared...

joaqui_miguel said...

@the geek: DOn't be. :)

Bienthoughts [a.ride.to.life] said...

waaaaaahh, I love the sarcasm.. cool hehehe. nice one! ;p

joaqui_miguel said...

@bienthoughts: Thanks!

You are welome to drop by again! Thanks so much for taking time to visit! :)

Looking For The Source said...

nice! galing.

nung nabasa ko ung title, naisip ko ung album ni p. diddy.

wala lang... pwede ng idagdag sa album nya, choz!

joaqui_miguel said...

@looking for the source: Oh yeah. I knew there was song or an album titled "Just Press Play" but I couldn't pin point who was the artist. Now, I got it. Thanks. :)

Looking For The Source said...

yup. i was thinking of another album.. yung sa aerosmith..

kaso yun.. just "push" play... he he,..

joaqui_miguel said...

@looking for teh source: Oh yeah, you are one music fanatic.

Hmmm... maybe if there's a song that I need to find I should just contact you. lol

Looking For The Source said...

ha ha. nagkataon lang kasi kanina, i was in this OC-OC mode na i was organizing my mp3 files (that would mean correcting the album, the artists, the album artist and the album cover - and i still have a long way to go) eh nadaanan ko ung album nung aerosmith. ha ha..

dabo said...

if this a pop act.. it would certainly be cool.. sorry can't help thinkin of miley cyrus

-- --

i miss writing poems.. pero wala akong gaanong mag-drive magsulat.. buti na lang may mga drafts na nakanda..

-- --

dabo said...


joaqui_miguel said...

@looking for the source: When you don't have much to do, try to get some sleep ei? lol

@dabo: Yeah, you better write some poems. I'd love to read some poems in your blog. :)

Looking For The Source said...

natutulog nmn ako eh... hahaha... minsan nga sobra pa ng 8 hrs eh.. hihih

RONeiluke, RN said...

hays... control... very controversial when it comes to relationships.

better press stop, so that the lies would stop. keep the cassette and burn the tape :)


thanks, mate :)

joaqui_miguel said...

@looking for the source: Fine. Will not argue further. :)

@roneiluke,rn: "better press stop, so that the lies would stop. keep the cassette and burn the tape :)"

Yes, it seems that I am on my way to pressing stop.


dabo said...

ei thanks joaqui.. mas okay na ako kesa last monday or kahapon... pero sabi ko nga ke joms, ganito pala pakiramdam ng nataningan ang buhay..

anyway.. para di ka mahawa sa akin drama (kasi may nahawa na isa na).. yes this will pass.. pero this is a challenge.. who knows diba..

ei ingat ka lagi.. cheers!

(di ako makapagreply sa gmail eh)

Chyng said...

haha antaray!

i can play your game! love it! ;)

Chyng said...

and btw, next time pls approach me sa malate! ;)

joaqui_miguel said...

@dabo: good to know you are doing better now. :)

@chyng: hehehe... Thanks.

Yeah, sure. Maybe next time. :)