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Thursday, September 11, 2008


It’s free.

I rarely see you smile lately.
I rarely see the guy that visits you frequently.

Is he gone?

I used to love him, you know?
Ridiculous really, I know.

C’mon, smile.
It’s free.

Show the whole world your beauty.
Do not sulk in this wretched tragedy.

Is this your first time?

I was in your place before, you remember?
And you were in mine, I remember.

So c’mon smile.
It’s free.


Tristan Tan said...

Smile Joaqui.. smile!nmb

joaqui_miguel said...

@trsitan tan: :) I am smiling. :)

Aris said...

"sa akin pa rin ang huling halakhak!"

am i reading between the lines correctly? maybe it's just me. :)


encouraging your ex?

reading between the lines, i have this impression that the person u were talking to was your ex.

anw, musta na joaqui?

the geek said...

correct me (with a smile) if am wrong:

it seemed both of them were your ex-es, they fell with each other and eventually broke up?

dazedblu* said...

wht else [I] can say but to agree XD

boying said...

yes. smiles are free.

in fact, life is free.


joaqui_miguel said...

@aris: Hmmm... Kinda. Not really my ex. He was my lover from afar.

@kris jasper van dyke: The guy was my lover from afar. This was for his girlfriend or probabaly ex-girlfriend now. hehehe

@the geek: I would never fall for his girlfriend. Totally not my type. lol

@dazedblu*: hehehe Does it really seem like it? hehehe

@boying: True. So very very true. :)

Chyng said...

better not to fake a smile! ;)

yffar said...

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wanderingcommuter said...

napakasarap isipin na it was his loss not yours... hahaha!!!
lalo na kapag alam mong mali ang pinili niya, hahaha.

all we can do is smile, indeed... cheers to that! *harsh. hahaha

wanderingcommuter said...

napakasarap isipin na it was his loss not yours... hahaha!!!
lalo na kapag alam mong mali ang pinili niya, hahaha.

all we can do is smile, indeed... cheers to that! *harsh. hahaha

RONeiluke, RN said...

gosh... what a love story... i thought ex's are off limits... tsk tsk... really interesting. prang one tree hill...hahahaha!

peace out :)

joaqui_miguel said...

@chyng: How mean to say, how happy I am to see her sad. lol But I am not. In fact, I am sad to see her sad but not really. lol

@yffar: That's a great idea! It's about time, I guess.

@wanderingcommuter: I am smiling. Huge smile here. :)

@roneiluke,rn: He is jsut even a pseudo-ex. Never was mine. ;)

yffar said...

so join ka??

para mailagay ko na sa mga list ng members...


reply ka sa link: http://rainbowhalohalo.blogspot.com/2008/09/pink-bloggers-community.html


or YM me: raff_aquino

Bryan Anthony the First said...

such a sport, you are joaqui!




still in contact?

anw, musta na joaqui?

joaqui_miguel said...

@yffar: Sure.

@:bryan anthony the first: Thanks. :)

@kris jasper van dyke: Nope.

I'm good. :) :) :)

Thanks for asking.

How are you kris? :)


hi joaqui. Im good.

Turismoboi said...

smile smile smile

R-yo said...

ok...am smiling too. good thing i'm alone here...

joaqui_miguel said...

@kris jasper van dyke: Nice to know you are doing good. :)

@turismoboi and r-yo: Glad to now you guys are smiling. :)

the geek said...

thank you ever so much for the "bucketful" of comments...

the geek appreciates all of it...

come back if you have time....

joaqui_miguel said...

@the geek: No worries. :) Will definitely do. :)

Chyng said...

hi, no new entry? ;)

joaqui_miguel said...

@chyng: Pressure. I'm working on it. Yikes.

Thanks for dropping by. :)