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Monday, November 10, 2008

These Days

I’ll say goodbye for the two of us
Before it gets ugly
Before it turns to something messy
Before it gets too much for me

I’ll say goodbye for the two of us
Because you are unstable
Because you are unpredictable
Because you are incapable

I’ll say goodbye for the two of us
Now that I don’t understand you anymore
Now that I don’t feel secure with you anymore
Now that I don’t know you anymore

I'll say goodbye for the two of us
For I will be okay without you
For I will go on without you
For I will enjoy these days without you

These days the world's alright
The sun shines bright
I'm kicking off the bad dreams
These days I don't think twice
I walk on light
I'm positively somewhere

-These Days by Jennifer Paige


Mr said...


- Mr. Scheezcake

dabo said...

three cheers for joaqui!

dodong said...

that's really sad mahn!

joaqui_miguel said...

@mr: Thanks!

@dabo: Thanks! Thanks for introducing me to "These days". The lines really fit what I feel now. :)

@dodong: Well, it is but it all comes down to self-preservation.

wanderingcommuter said...

at the ned its always you that really matters...

salamat po pala, in a way parang may nareceive din ako mula sa iyo. hehehe

RONeiluke, RN said...

walking away from a relationship is not an easy feat..you must be really bravem then...

inuman na! hahaha!

joaqui_miguel said...

@wanderingcommuter: No worries. I'm glad to be of help to sweeten things up. :) hehehe

@roneiluke,rn: I have to be brave for myself. If I stay, I might get myself badly hurt.

Chyng said...

Cge lang, konti nalang then it's all over! Party tyo! (--,)

joaqui_miguel said...

@chyng: Great idea! ;) Yeah, let's party!


I hate goodbyes..

But it is something that we have to deal with everyday.

I just hope you'll find a new "hello".

joaqui_miguel said...

@kris jasper: How are you? Did I say i love your accent in your vid blog? I didn't? Oh, I love your accent! :)

Yeah, I hope to find a new hello too! Now, thinking how my day was, my new hello might just be across the hallway. :)

Aris said...

welcome back to the dancefloor of life! isayaw na lang natin ang mga heartaches until they melt away! :)

Abou said...

il save this lyrics. it might come handy soon.

joaqui_miguel said...

@aris: Yeah, one wonderful song is all it takes to bring me back to the dance floor of life. :)

@abou: Let's all be postively somewhere. :)

Hope everything is okay with you. :)


I hope you have walked towards that new hello yesterday...

Make the most of NOW.

joaqui_miguel said...

@kris jasper: Well, new hello was just a reliever so he was here just yesterday. I don't know when I will see him again.

Scanning to another new hello...



nakakaiyak naman ang entry na ito...
biglang tuloy akong nalungkot

Looking For The Source said...


im positively somewhere... stranded...

joaqui_miguel said...

@anonymous girl: Sorry, did not mean to make you feel said.

@looking for the source: It's nice to be positively somewhere. :)