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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Getting There

I thought it was an act
A front to keep people away
But it was not
That was the real you

All is clear now
I accept
I don’t care anymore
You are who you are

I expected you would
Like I did
But you didn’t
I accept
I don’t care anymore

I know you don’t care
I understand
I accept
And I don’t care too
At least not anymore

Flaws were bypassed
I placed you on a pedestal
I’m taking them all back
I see every detail now
And you don’t deserve to be there
I am stripping off your supposed grandeur
Well, at least in my eyes

You are who you are
Self-indulgent and often unmoving
That’s you and that’s fine
Or at least that’s who you donned
That’s not who I want
I was foolish, I admit

Now I can laugh at my stupidity
Now I can be me again
Now I will be seen clearly again
Fading away is passé


Chyng said...

bravo joaqui! im so glad ure now trying to move on. pagpray ko yan! (--,)

joaqui_miguel said...

@chyng: Thanks! :)

Aris said...

i'm glad you're back and you're fine! :)

Lance said...

Nice poem.. i hope I could send this to my X too, it's also appropriate for her..hehe kidding..

dabo said...

alam mo yung kanta ni Jennifer Paige na These Days (may version din ang Bardot of Australia nito)...isa sa pinaka sexy na kanta for me

these days
i don't think twice
i walk on ice
im kickin' out the bad dreams

--- --

take care joaqui

joaqui_miguel said...

@aris: Thanks! :) How are you? I hope you are feeling better now.

@lance: Thanks! I can lend this poem to you. I don't mind. :)

@dabo: I'm listening to it as I write down this comment. Yup, it is indeed sexy. I like this line the most...

"I am positively somewhere."

Yes, I am positvely somewhere. :) hehehe

Thanks so much! You take care as well! ;)