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Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Choosing to stay doesn’t necessarily mean to actually stay. More often than not, the decision is not yours to be made.

You are just one of the faces in the crowd that can be ignored. Yours is a name in the long list that can be overlooked.

You are, after all, just a speck in a vast canvass of painting. One of the best, no doubt, but a speck nonetheless.

You are dispensable. Just like a commodity easily taken in and snappily taken out. Yup, buddy, just like that!

Never over appraise yourself for you are setting yourself for failure. Always dream but do not assume. Yes, you can hope but do not expect.

It’s shocking to say the least to hear the truth that negates your reality. It is painful to accept it as your new reality. It is torture to remain unchanged.

Run if you have to. Scream you know you want to. Calm down, you need to… but don’t wait for the confusion, rage and disappointment to turn stale. Break free from it all.

Don’t ground yourself on something unstable. Spread your wings and believe you can do it. Magnify the mistake they will regret forever.

Show them your wounds carefully treated while you flaunt them theirs disgustingly undressed and left to bleed.

Let them feel the blood as it gently streams down their coarse skin. Let them savor their meager triumph decaying on the worn out paper plate they explicitly revere.

For vengeance is always sweet but sweeter with blood.


wanderingcommuter said...

morbid, gruesome. but its hurtingly honest...

you made me think there. nice post.

dabo said...

beside vengeance is like an ice cream.. sort of comfort food too and most importantly best serve cooold.. (insert thunder and lightning)

joaqui_miguel said...

@wandering commuter: Thanks! That's what I really felt when I wrote that. (Un)fortunately, I am almost over it. :)

@dabo: I love the thunder and lightning effect! lol