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Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Tribute

Birthday is the anniversary of the day a person was born.

It was dawn sometime the ber months in a private hospital somewhere down south, a bouncing baby boy was delivered to the world. He was fair skinned like his mother with strong limbs like his father; altogether a cute little baby boy. His mother rejoiced his coming while his father thought "He will be a great son." He was his brother’s answered prayer. An elder sister would have welcomed him too but heaven needed an angel so she wasn’t there.

In some cultures, it is marked with rites of transition.

It was almost dawn sometime the ber months in a private resort somewhere up north, a bouncy boy delivered the word. He was fair and skinned his soul in front of his mother and with strong spirit he faced his father; altogether he revealed he calls cute boys "Baby". His mother rejoiced his coming out while his dad thought "He's a great son!" He was answered by his brother with a prayer. An elder sister would have welcomed him to heaven but his family needed their angel so he didn't go there.


chyng said...

When someone dies, someone is also born... Is it your birthday? (--,)

wanderingcommuter said...

i like the play of your words. very very very interesting... keep it up...
kung sino man po ang may bewtdey... hampey bewtdey sa kanya! hehehe

dabo said...

im confused.. pero while reading it, i was also in dread... there was a secret behind it... i think the secret was told..

i admire too the play of words..

joaqui_miguel said...

@chyng: Nope it isn't. Thanks for dropping by.

@wanderingcommuter: Thanks. I will let him know.

@dabo: Thanks. I appreciate it. :)

Anonymous said...

Why did I think it's about death and only death? Got goose bumps. haha. Maybe it's just my fascination for death kaya ganun.

Had to read it again. (toinks)

pero really... bakit melancholic dating sakin ng entry na to?

Anonymous said...
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joaqui_miguel said...

@carlo: It wasn't intentional to make it melancholic but for sure it wasn't meant to be a happy entry either. I guess, it's just how it went. When I proofread it, I realized that it wasn't exactly happy but I liked it. So I kept it that way. :)