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Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Curse of the Green Shirt

After half an hour and a couple of failed attempts to make some sort of a connection with adorable PLUs outside a crafts store in Glorietta, J and D finally came out bearing the fruits of their quest to find the perfect material for their project. I asked them if we can grab something to eat first before we proceed to our next stop and all I got were smiles as a reply. As we were making our way around Glorietta, we chanced upon this shop that sells vintage-looking statement shirts which, coincidentally where J and I bought something to complete our Friday-dress-down-day ensemble a few days back. Upon seeing that J and D making a detour towards the shop, I whined like a child and practically begged them not to go in.

“Guys, I haven’t eaten yet. Can we just eat first and then come back here? Please?”

Either they didn’t hear me or they were in some kind of trance with the colors and design of the shop that they went in the store and started rummaging through the rack. Outnumbered, I went in and tried to share their excitement. They were already checking out some possible purchases when I saw this shirt which was practically calling out my name. It was a muted green shirt with dirty white print that says, “PILI NANG PILI NAUWI SA BUNGI”. Next thing I knew, I was standing next to the rack holding out the shirt for J and D to see.

“I hope this does not happen to me,” I said with pout and all.

They started laughing out loud as if we were the only ones in the shop totally ignoring my sincere concern.

“Ha Ha Ha. That’s totally gonna happen to you. Stop being so picky. When will you be in a relationship? When you are 40?” J said.

“Yeah, you are so picky. You set such a high standards.” D snorted.

“I don’t. I just want someone who will be worth the sacrifices I’ll make if and when I’ll be in a relationship, don’t you?”

Almost simultaneously, they both rolled their eyes and gave me the yeah-right and whatever-you-say look as they headed towards the fitting rooms.

I was about to ask the sales consultant if they have the shirt in my size when I thought I heard some kind of whisper, “Do not give fate an idea.” I immediately returned the shirt to the rack and stayed away from it as far as I could until we left the shop.

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Mugen said...

Haha. Mas mabuti na yung pumili kesa naman magkamali. :D

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