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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Top Waiter Moment

While I was in the middle of writing an entry about this experience I had in high school, I got an email from a friend about “The Top 21 Waiter Moments”. For someone that gets distracted easily, I naturally put that entry on hold and started working on another one. I opted to write about an incident relayed to me by my brother which I felt should have been part of that email.

There’s this restaurant back home that I really love going to. They serve really delicious food, with fresh ingredients and laid back and homey ambience not to mention how inexpensive it was to dine there. It’s no wonder that it has been in business for so long now with an extensive clientele . It is safe to say that it is one of the best, if not the best restaurant in our city.

Being a Filipino restaurant with homey ambience, it was just natural that it developed a tradition that guests eat with their bare hands just like what most Filipinos do when they eat at home. However, if you are not Filipino and find it a little too primitive or probably if you are Filipino and just did not want to ruin your manicure, they would serve utensils upon request.

A couple of years back, a friend of my brother visited the city for some R and R. He then asked my brother if he can show him around. My brother agreed and created an itinerary for his friend. He then decided to make this restaurant their first stop to let him try some of our local cuisine. Like most visitors from the north, seeing how cheap the seafood was, he ordered almost all seafood dishes in the menu. From appetizers, soups, side dish, main dish and if there was even a seafood dessert he would have ordered too. My brother then told him about the tradition in the restaurant.

“But if you prefer to eat with spoon and fork, we can request for it,” my brother added as he was about to wave to the waiter to request for utensils.

“No, no. Mas masarap kumain nang nakakamay,” he interjected.

So he went on to wash his hands and just as he returned to the table the food was being served. When the waiter was about to leave, he saw that there were utensils placed on the table.

He called out the waiter, gathered all utensils and handed them to the waiter saying, “Kuya, hindi na kailangan nito. We’ll eat with our hands.”

He added with a smart-aleck tone, “Hindi ba kamayan dito? Kakamayin na lang namin.

The waiter replied with a puzzled look, “Kahit yung soup sir?”


Mugen said...

Tama naman si mister waiter. Hehe.

CARLO said...


My latest waiter moment experience was in Libis. This waiter approached me on my table. He actually didn't say anything stupid or foul except that his mouth was the one foul-smelling. Gusto kong sabugan ng madaming tic tac or mentos yung mukha. Sobra talaga. Halitosis. Of course out of courtesy, I didn't comment na lang. I almost ran out of air holding my breath coz it took awhile before he was able to get the order. He leaned towards me pa kasi. Waaaaaah!

wanderingcommuter said...

naku, i have nothing to say against waiter... takot kasi ako na since sila ang humahawak ng food ko takot ako baka kung anong gawin nila dun kapag may nasabi akong masama... hehehe

joaqui_miguel said...

@mugen: heheh ryt.

@carlo: did you still have apetite after that?

@wanderingcommuter: that's why i try to be nice with them too. I would even call them by their first name. :)

Looking For The Source said...

<< blog hopping mode >>

ayus nga nmn ang banat nung waiter...

pero come to think of it. pwede nmng kainin ung soup the chinese way. wahahah. hindi na pinoy yun...

he he he..

closet case said...

hi! reading the title of the post, i thought this was an entry on cruising waiters. LOL. hmmm. you've inspired an entry for me! thanks! =)