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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I am a Winner!

Yeah, that's what I am. You can call me that from now on!!!

I happily declare that the Battle of the Bulge is now over and I WIN!!!

It feels so great to reach your goal. I have set this goal last March and I was hoping that by July I will reach my target weight. It's so amazing that I got to the peak of the mountain even a month before!

Now, the real battle starts as I try to maintain my weight. I constantly weigh myself and check what I eat. It's not as stressful as it seems. In fact, I enjoy it tremendously. It feels good to be at my ideal weight.

I still have to lose some inches in my mid section but I have nothing but optimism that I can have that 6 pack abs that I am wishing for. Soon, my friends, soon. :)

Everything seems to be falling into place. Well, at least in this department.

As I mentioned, this is just the beginning. More self development and improvement to come.

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