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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Settling In

Last week, I moved in to the place I now call home here in Manila. It is a 3-bedroom condominium unit that I share with a few friends from my hometown. I occupy one of the 2 smaller rooms with a room mate. I don't mind sharing a place with these people because I have known most of them from way back. Most of them were part of the Puerto Galera trip recently that was super fun to say the least.

The place is settling more than anything else. I have taken out most of my stuff from the suitcase for the first time in a little over a year. Something I have never done in the place where I stayed prior here. Before, my clothes remained in the suitcase and laundry bags and I learned to live that way. That's why it was a pretty weird feeling to set aside the suitcase for a while. It still encases some of my stuff that I don't use anymore that I am planning to bring home when in August. I cannot believe how many clothes I have that I don't actually use. They are just excess baggage that I don't really need. So for now, they remain inside the confines of the suitcase and set aside for good.

Not just for clothes but for the stuff in our life that we do not need, we must learn to carefully choose, encase them and set them aside. If we carry these excess baggage, they will only bring us down. Remember, it will be hard to rise when heavily burdened by things you do not need.

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