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Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Emperor's New Clothes

Just some minutes back, I got a message from my colleague that my pants that I ordered finally arrived and is now with him. I am usually giddy and excited about new clothes but not this time. From the time I had my fitting for the pants up to this point, a lot has happened already. From a wedding to reunions; from new gadgets bought on Christmas day to broken gadgets on a booze-filled night New Year's eve; from being stationed on the fourth floor to the fifith and from reporting to the office in the busy side of Pasig to the rarely visited side of Pasig. That's how long the Emperor has been waiting for his new clothes.

I had these pants made with hope to wear them on my Supervisor's wedding back in December. The wedding, even the couple's honeymoon, passed by yet no pants arrived. They already celebrated their first Valentine's Day as a married couple together and learned about the future visit of the stork to deliver their first bundle of joy yet still no pants.

I was also hoping to use the pants at work since they fit well with the dress code we have at work but I have moved to a new department and the company moved to a new site yet no pants arrived.

I have forgotten about the money I have paid for the pants and thought of it as probably something I've lost in one of the many long walks I had on the way to the office. Or at times I thought of it as one of those lost investments, like house rent dues, haircut fees and goverment tax.

With the excitement felt in funerals, I went over to my colleague's station to get the pants. I went to the men's room after to try them on. Surprisingly, they were good fits from a very ridiculous fit when they were first handed to me. Before, it made me look like giant with huge hips and chicken legs. Now, they just make me look like a giant still wearing his pants when he was a couple of inches shorter.

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