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Monday, April 28, 2008

Friends from the Past

I was with my friends from my previous company a few weekends back. It's amazing how we were able to remain friends after half of us already left the company. The other half are still with the company but are already contemplating on leaving.

These friends of mine are the people who showed me that it was ok to spend most of your hard earned money for yourself. Thus, me not having any savings when I went back home after resigning. We would often dine out after work even when we can just go home and fill our stomachs with home cooked meals.

Food. That's the main attraction of all our bonding moments. When we get together, it would not be complete if we will not eat. Eating is our favorite hobby. That explains why 2 of the thin girls before, Jac and Pau, are now humongous. I am not even exaggerating. Their girths may have changed but they remain the same as I've known them way back. Jac is till the princess that we knew and Pau is still the level headed, matured even, in the group. I am not surprised that she was the first to be promoted in our group.

The other 2 youngsters are 'lil girl aka Anj and the ever Fashionista, Perky and Kikay Pam. Anj is the youngest looking but not necessarily the most youthful in us. She may deceive you with her looks. She literally looks like a grade school student. I am not kidding. She buys her clothes in children's wear. Hush Hush Hush. Her size is so adorable that if you will see her, you can't help it but think that she is the most adorable thing in the world. Pam is the youngest in the group yet the tallest among the girls if I'm not mistaken. She is so trendy and very exciting. The things that come out of her mouth are not short of humor. She's very funny. Though at times her humor collides with the other humorous girl in the group, Jac.

Rys, the last member of the group who apparently is slowly breaking away. I am not sure though as to why but I just hope she stays.

Being with this group once in a while makes me realize that coming back here in Manila is a well worth decision. To be with these girls is like having having your favorite ice cream flavor when it's raining outside.

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